My Statement on Biden’s State of the Union Address

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My Statement on Biden’s State of the Union Address

March 09, 2024 - 06:57
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President Biden’s State of the Union address tonight highlighted how out of touch he is with the reality facing Americans. Under this administration, we have seen record-breaking gas prices, a historic border crisis, 40-year high inflation rates, and a weakened national security. No matter how the president attempts to spin it, the truth is that Americans are worse off because of his policies.

He has completely discarded our southern border by letting in over eight million illegal aliens throughout his term and turning every state into a border state. The American people have seen the disastrous consequences of his open-border policies, most recently with the tragic death of Laken Riley. President Biden can end the border crisis at any time, but he continues to refuse to do so. Instead, he flew in over 300,000 aliens who had no legal right to be in the United States from their home countries to be placed in undisclosed American cities.

Inflation soared due to years of runaway Democrat-backed government spending. Hardworking Americans’ budgets are stretched thin, making it more difficult for them to buy groceries and take care of their families. The administration has steamrolled America energy production by forcing electric vehicle mandates and unnecessary climate regulations. The U.S. and our allies are forced to rely on hostile nations like Russia and Iran for our energy supply, putting more money in their war-driven pockets to fund their attacks on Ukraine and Israel, respectively.

As Commander in Chief, President Biden has made the United States an object of ridicule on the global stage. Beginning with the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, he has continuously refused to stand up against our adversaries like Iran and their proxies and prioritizes diversity over lethality within the Department of Defense. He has yet to realize there is only one way to secure peace and that is through strength.

Tonight’s address lacked honesty and transparency, but the American people know their paychecks do not go as far as they once did, and their communities are less safe than they were three years ago. The government should set an environment for Americans to succeed, not one that makes it more difficult to get by. I stand strongly with the American people and will continue working with my Republican colleagues to get our nation back on the right track.

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But you are 100 percent right on the State of The Union! Brain-dead democrats are giddy over this imbecile's destruction of America, and the real picture in this election is who will vote on facts rather than propaganda?

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