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July 29, 2022 - 21:04
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Today my campaign welcomed yet another big endorsement!

Bob Dohnal, conservative activist and longtime publisher of the Wisconsin Conservative Digest, has endorsed me to be Wisconsin's next Attorney General.

Here's Bob's endorsement statement:

"As a conservative activist for decades I know how important this election is for Wisconsin. As a small businessman and pharmacist, I'm all too familiar with the dangers posed by addiction and the flood of illegal drugs and fentanyl onto our streets, which go hand-in-hand with human trafficking. District Attorney Eric Toney is the only candidate running for Attorney General that truly understands what must be done to end the violence and drugs sweeping across Wisconsin. He may not be the choice of Madison Insiders, but he is the choice of our conservative grassroots and Law Enforcement's Choice to be our ‘top cop.’ Eric Toney the man we need to be our next Attorney General and I ask you to join me in voting for Eric Toney on August 9.”


I'm humbled by the support of someone who has been integral to building the conservative movement here in Wisconsin. With his help and yours I'm ready to hold liberal activist Josh Kaul to account for his four years of failure.

As Law Enforcement's Choice, I will have the back of law enforcement, take on the drug trade, and hold criminals to account instead of excusing them.

And as the Republican Grassroots’ Choice, I’ll continue to defend our freedoms and liberties as well a Secure our Elections! I was so honored to win the RPW Convention vote 54% to 27% with great leaders and activists like Bob and YOU!

Please be sure to spread the word, get out and vote early, and encourage all of your friends and neighbors to remember that August 9th is the last day to vote.

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Sorry but Toney lost my vote when he decided to prosecute a business under Gov. Tony's illegal and unconstitutional executive order. I asked him about that, and he replied, "but I dropped the charges after the Supreme Court overruled the governor."

NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! He should understand the state and federal constitution better. Karen Mueller on the other hand, has said she will not prosecute those unconstitutional mandates, regardless what level of government proclaims tham.

PS. When I ran for Congress, I was disappointed that Karen entered the race. I knew that because our platforms were so similar, we would split the vote and the third candidate would likely win. Karen promises to support the constitution, protect our rights, and go after the bad guys, even if they are elected officials or bureaucrats. As I am not running for AG, I whole-heartedly endorse KAREN MUELLER in this race!

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