Mainstream Media's Abuse of Trust

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Mainstream Media's Abuse of Trust

July 24, 2021 - 08:44
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It is sad, and a troubling reflection on the current state of mainstream media, that I find myself having to respond to yet another unwarranted hit piece by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and its Wisconsin affiliates.

That was earlier this month. Now, yet another hit piece this time by The Washington Post. The question I would like to ask these "fact checkers" is tell me what I said that wasn't true? When did it become wrong to simply ask questions? The Washington Post mischaracterizes what I said and is another example of yellow journalism created to be used by leftwing journalists and their Democratic allies in future political attacks.

To understand this game, I encourage you to read the facts. On my website, I have laid out my response to the Journal Sentinel's questions and then what the reporter actually wrote. You can see for yourself the details of where the reporter erred, exaggerated, mischaracterized or in any other way got it wrong.

I hope you take a few minutes to read my op-ed about the mainstream media abusing the trust vested in them by the public.

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The media took President Trump out, and now they are working on Ron Johnson. Does freedom of speech allow the despicable media to lie and distort facts? I love free speech, but why did we allow slander to become acceptable by those who control the inkwell?

This is one more issue we need to discuss with when we get our Convention of States!

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