Legislature Passes Budget

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Legislature Passes Budget

July 03, 2021 - 08:26
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Responsible budgeting has continually led to budget surpluses, but with this gigantic surplus, we were able to do a once-in-a-generation tax cut for the majority of Wisconsinites.

We’ve achieved 2/3 state funding for our K-12 schools and increased funding for special education and mental health by more than $100 million. The legislature guaranteed all districts will get a minimum of $781 per pupil if they taught in-person at least 50% of the time during the 2020-21 school year. Most districts will see much more than that, the average being $2,898 per pupil.

We are investing more and borrowing far less than the governor on our local roads. This is the lowest amount of new bonding for transportation in over 20 years.

Wisconsin Republicans continue to invest in high-quality healthcare that benefits all Wisconsin residents especially mothers, the elderly, those dealing with substance abuse, and children with developmental disabilities. Our budget ensures we have quality long-term care facilities and staff to care for our most vulnerable.

My Republican colleagues and I are proud to have voted for a conservative budget that delivers on our promises. This budget is reasonable, responsible, and realistic – it’s good for all of Wisconsin.

In the Assembly, the budget was passed 64-34. It passed 23-9 in the Senate. This is the highest number of votes for a budget bill in the houses in a generation!

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