Legislature to Audit DEI Programs

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Legislature to Audit DEI Programs

May 11, 2024 - 15:30
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The Joint Legislative Audit Committee approved a full audit of all DEI policies and how they are employed across state agencies this week. This audit will be broad in scope and will take the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau many months to complete. They estimate their work will go in to 2025. You can read their memo to the Audit Committee on what the audit could include here. The decision to approve the audit was made on party lines, with Democrats vehemently opposing any look into what DEI policies are costing and how they are being applied across state government.

When I called for this audit late last year, I said I believe the idea that DEI equals diversity is a fallacy, and asked that the audit examine whether agencies are making hires based on race. Assembly co-chair of the Audit Committee, Bob Wittke said of the audit:

"Providing opportunities for all is important to the success of state government institutions, but to create more unaccountable bureaucracy in the name of DEI is a deal breaker. My hope is that the audit shows us what's happening in the DEI realm, and at what cost to our taxpayers."

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