Kind Liberated from Party Politics?

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Kind Liberated from Party Politics?

August 15, 2021 - 15:51
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What will Rep. Kind's actions show now that he will not run in '22? He can be free of the Democrat party's agenda and stick to representing the 3rd District.

Sen. Manchin (D, W Virginia) stated today, "Over the past year, Congress has injected more than $5 trillion of stimulus into the American economy – more than any time since World War II – to respond to the pandemic. The challenge we now face is different: millions of jobs remain unfilled across the country and rising inflation rates are now an unavoidable tax on the wages and income of every American, these are not indications of an economy that requires trillions in additional spending."

Please note from above:

"rising inflation rates are now an unavoidable tax on the wages and income of every American"

As an 83 year old, I surely hope that Ron Kind can see his way clear to protect senior citizens for the remainder of his term. For example: I have driven in excess of 10,000 miles over the last 12 months involving doctor appointments for myself and my wife. I am paying in excess of a dollar per gallon more for gas than in December.

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Kind has done immeasurable damage in Congress, I fear what colossal damage he will do in his next role. God help us!

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