It is time for a change

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It is time for a change

June 01, 2024 - 07:51
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SEN Baldwin has been in elected office for nearly 40 years but what has she done in all that time? She is ineffective and has had no real legislative accomplishments. It is funny that you only hear from her at election time. I am tired of watching her commercials touting that she is fighting to control the scrouge of fentanyl killing our young people but I do not hear her wanting to control our Southern Border where the drugs are pouring in from Mexico. Baldwin votes with Joe Biden 95.5% of the time. She has been a complete rubber stamp for ‘Bidenomics’ and open-border policies.

We need a change in Washington DC. Eric Hovde believes that “we can restore the American Dream by coming together as Americans to solve the problems we face, rebuild our economy, strengthen our communities, and provide strength internationally.” Eric is a 4th generation Wisconsinite who is a proven entrepreneur and philanthropist. He will stop reckless spending and work to bring down prices. Eric will be a true voice for the people of Wisconsin and will not be beholden to DC special interests.

America cannot survive another four more years of failed Biden policy. We desperately need a change – Vote for Eric Hovde in November.

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Biden's White House is fumbling around the world and wars are starting up all over the planet, our border is being overun by military aged men from many different countries, deadly drugs are flooding over our border and murdering our young people, inflation is bankrupting American families, police in big cities are being targeted and ambushed on the streets, the first American dictatorship is imprisoning their political opponents, and Senator Tammy Baldwin chooses to spend her time on the cost of inhalers. God help us if this imbecile wins again in November. I miss America

We need to elect Hovde if America is going to get back into a Constitutional direction. I can't see any flaws in this candidate, Baldwin, a career politician must go.

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