The Great, Big Lie

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The Great, Big Lie

February 12, 2022 - 07:06
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I have the data. The evidence is clear. The vast majority of citizens living within the Coulee Region are in FULL SUPPORT OF LAW ENFORCEMENT and do NOT desire to defund the police in any way, shape, or form. The results of last year's Police Oversight Committee Survey prove it.

Unfortunately, leaders of the La Crosse County Board of Supervisors have decided to deceive the people.

This devious cabal led by Monica Kruse with the support of Steve Doyle has chosen to mis-characterize the results and promote the great, big lie.

These delusional autocrats have chosen an alternate reality where removing those who protect our neighbors will somehow, miraculously lead to a more peaceful community.

They ignore the latest headlines such as “Minneapolis mayor admits that calls to ‘defund the police’ led to a spike in crime.”

They are slowly eliminating the thin blue line that protects each of us from the evil that lurks among the criminals within this region. Will our community become like Minneapolis where shootings are up over 150% and homicides are up more than 100%?

Unfortunately, the answer is: YES. Listen to these facts that were recently reported on Fact Check Podcast:

County Board leaders are continuing to promote the lie that law enforcement professionals in our region are out of control. Listen to Sheriff Wolf and learn the facts about how well our law enforcement agencies in the region already have several checks and balances in place.

Just look at how the County Board is proceeding on their efforts in the wording of this resolution.

My sources in the La Crosse County offices tell me that Monica Kruse is planning to apply a racist litmus test for those appointed to this committee: "white people need not apply."

Now the local Republican Party is also publishing some of the details they have obtained. This is MUST SEE information for all La Crosse County residents to understand what their leaders are doing. We can do better than this! Spread the word and vote in the Spring election to get this corruption out of office!

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We give them a very difficult job, and ask them to always handle every situation perfectly. Decisions must be made instantly or the consequences can be disastrous. Police officers are human, not super human. We must not let people who don't understand the job and the conditions of the job, make decisions on how they do their jobs.

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