Graded A by the NRA

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Graded A by the NRA

July 16, 2022 - 14:03
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I love my state and country.

I’m unapologetically patriotic and I believe we are a nation of laws.

Our Constitution is binding, and that includes the Second Amendment.

I'm humbled to have the highest grade the NRA can offer to a candidate not in executive or legislative office.

I won’t back down from the politicians in Madison or Washington who wish to undermine our Rights! We cannot let them win. I won’t let them.

As a district attorney for nearly a decade I’ve fought in courtrooms to ensure our laws are followed, and to seek justice for victims. I’ve had hardened criminals threaten me with violence … threaten me with death. I didn’t back down from them, and I won’t back down from taking on the toughest thugs in Wisconsin and restoring law and order.

I’m the only candidate in the GOP race for attorney general who’s ever prosecuted criminals or used the resources of our Department of Justice. As we experience historic violence we don’t have time for on the job training at our DOJ.

And I won’t let law abiding people be stripped of their Right to bear arms and defend themselves, their property, or their family. The Second Amendment is embedded in our Constitution for a very important reason. I will defend that Right with every power of the Wisconsin Department Justice.

I’m a prosecutor, not a politician and the only candidate with prosecution experience in the GOP race.

I’m endorsed by 100+ law enforcement leaders and associations, more than all of my opponents COMBINED.

I’m the son of a cop and law enforcement’s choice for ‘top cop.’

I’ve made a career putting away murderers and drug dealers.

The choice is very clear. On August 9 you can stand with our cops by sending a message to the thugs and the liberals alike who wish to ignore the law.

As the next “top cop’ in Wisconsin, you know you can trust me to defend our Rights and clean up our streets.

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Wow, we have another great candidate, who is very qualified and stands for honorable government.

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