Governor Evers' Plan for Road Funding: Deception and Obfuscation

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Governor Evers' Plan for Road Funding: Deception and Obfuscation

January 23, 2020 - 12:29
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Gov Evers and local Democrats must think we are stupid. The Governor brags that GTAs to La Crosse County are up $150,000. GTAs are calculated based on local spending so this is a misleading comparison to previous years in which local spending was down.

Remember the PRAT tax? Local Democrats told us they needed $5.5 million per year to fix our roads, so $150K is a joke.

As I have commented on local radio in the past, Governor Walker announced in September 2018 at the Wisconsin Counties Association meeting here in La Crosse that if re-elected he would return to the state funding 30%. That represented about a $1.7 million annual increase in local aids to La Crosse County.

Republicans in the state legislature budgeted $75 million for local road aids, but Governor Evers used his veto and made it a grant fund at the DOT. Now Madison has applied for a $15.6 million grant for mass transit from the fund. How much of the $75 M would La Crosse County have received? It's a sure bet that it would have been many times what the Governor is crowing about.

Bill Feehan
La Crosse County Chairman
RPW 3rd District Chairman

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