Election Integrity Matters

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Election Integrity Matters

April 17, 2022 - 07:24
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I just filed to forcibly remove board members of Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC).

Five of the six members of WEC broke Wisconsin election laws in 2020.

They need to go.

I’m fighting to hold WEC accountable. I believe their alleged actions are criminal.

THE LAW IS CLEAR … and WEC broke the law. Worst yet, they don’t think they did anything wrong…what will stop them from doing it again? That’s why I’m fighting to hold WEC accountable. I need YOUR help to do it! Together we will protect the integrity of our elections and ensure there is a level playing field. Not different rules for Madison and Milwaukee.

The WEC, Drop boxes, ballot harvesting, and Zucker Bucks running the elections in Wisconsin … if anyone says 2020 elections laws were all followed their heads are buried in the sand!

The reaction to my filing from the liberal media and radical AG Josh Kaul are predictable. They’re trashing me because they know I’m right…and they know I can beat Josh Kaul!

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