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July 12, 2023 - 21:26
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Actions which were traditionally considered sexual perversions and deviations in our society are now being mainstreamed into it under the guise of “woke-ism”. Bible-believing Christians who disapprove of the current woke cultural upheaval (which is being forced upon them) are labeled as bigots and racists. Christian beliefs which stem from deep convictions derived from the Bible are rejected and disrespected by the left-wing woke movement. However, conversely, this same woke culture expects all people to accept and facilitate their amoral woke beliefs without question.

Today’s upside-down culture, driven by the “woke” agenda, makes a perfect medium in which children can be indoctrinated into the harmful LBGTQ teachings. At the same time left-wing educators and woke officials are brainwashing youngsters, they are often simultaneously working hard to obfuscate what is being done to kids until it is too late for concerned parents to intervene.

One such mechanism used by the woke to prepare society and children for acceptance of LBGTQ lifestyles and teachings is to hold drag queen sessions in the community. Drag queens are performers who cross-dress meretriciously, act outlandishly, and who seek to influence their viewers into accepting LBGTQ concepts as normal. Throughout America, drag queen performances are being held in public libraries, on military bases, and in local businesses like taverns.

In Monroe County, Wisconsin drag events have already been held at Murrays on Main Restaurant in the city of Tomah. They are also scheduled to be held at the Sparta Soda Works in Sparta, starting on Sunday, August 6, 2023. This is being advertised as an “all-ages family event” to be presented by the LBGTQ gay-pride supporting “La Crosse Gurls Drag Queen” group.

There is something concerned people can do to counteract this creeping infringement upon past cultural norms and moral beliefs. In America, individual liberty allows each concerned person to patronize businesses that are in sync morally with their personal beliefs (and to reject those who are not).

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Hey, you have some strange desires, OK, but how about keeping it private, and away from young people who are confused by such behaviors and activities? These types of things may have happened in the past but in a low-key manner. Nowadays, this bold agenda is working to legitimize this kind of behavior, and that is an attack on our young people who struggle to sort out what is normal. Your agenda is selfish, evil, and despicable, stop it, and I ask the public to speak up against this indoctrination of our young people.

America used to protect our citizens under 18 years old, but now there is very limited protection for them.

Organize and have peaceful protests, including signs, on public property in the vicinity of and prior to and during the "shows?"

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