Divide and Conquer

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Divide and Conquer

June 02, 2024 - 11:56
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I'm a Christian, he's a Muslim, she's a Jew. I'm Republican, you're a Democrat. Black / white, gay / straight, man / woman, life / abortion, RINO / MAGA, Capitalist / Marxist, on and on.

The mainstream media is obsessed with dividing all of us into every possible category they can manufacture. They know that America is a melting pot of ideas and cultures from around the world so they use our differences as a way to divide and conquer us. Turn on the TV and you'll see a never ending parade of talking heads dividing us between Republican and Democrat, this candidate versus that candidate, he said, she said, blah, blah, blah. They focus solely on the personalities but rarely, if ever, discuss the policies that matter to the American people.

I challenge you to push back against those sinister efforts to divide and control you with over-simplified binary choices. You have the power to reject their superficial arguments and approach the election in a more thoughtful manner. For example, give some thought to what is in the best interest of our nation. What policies will improve the economy? What steps should be taken to secure our borders? What foreign policies will ensure a safer and more peaceful world? How do we put an end to the abuses of power in the federal government?

Set aside identity politics and concentrate on your country and the Constitution. It was Reagan who once said that ‘my 80% ally is NOT my 20% enemy’ so let’s stop punishing each other because of our differences and, instead, embrace and celebrate our shared beliefs in the Constitution. A couple of weeks ago another writer here suggested making a list of the issues that are important to you then checking the name of the candidate you believe will do something about them. I believe that is a very good way to put our country first and all the superficial identity politics last.

What is in the best interest of our country and protecting our Constitution? Is a poorly crafted social media message so important that it disqualifies a person who has proven they will support the best interests of the American people? Should we ignore gross abuses of our justice system to target and punish their political opponents just so we can 'go along to get along' with police state bureaucrats? Should we ignore Biden’s violations of the Constitution and his recent defiance of the Supreme Court when he went forward with student debt relief? Did you forget how weak our nation looked when Biden pulled our troops out of Afghanistan in such an irresponsible manner that got several good people killed? Have you noticed how difficult it is to budget for groceries & gas with everything costing twice as much as they used to? Should those REAL issues simply be forgotten so we can distract ourselves with asinine text messages or who dated who 30 years ago? If you believe superficial differences are more important than the peace and prosperity of our people than you and I cannot be friends.

Do you hate Trump more than you love America?

President Trump is clearly the only candidate on the ballot who can restore Liberty, strengthen the economy, and reset our relationships with both allies and adversaries. And to those of you reading this who, like me, feel as though our Constitution is under attack by Biden’s regime: what are you going to do about it? Yes, Biden’s regime has violated the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments (just for starters) but will you simply yell at your TV while watching the talking heads or will you get off your couch, knock on some doors, make some phone calls, write some letters to the editor ( send them here too ), become an election inspector and poll watcher, and DO something to help get our candidates over the finish line?

Our Founding Fathers sacrificed everything to create the Constitution and several generations of soldiers fought to protect it. The only sacrifice that is being asked of you right now is to spend just a couple of hours per week to help spread the message and convince others to vote. Write letters to your friends and family. Consider copying them to the opinion pages here at CouleeConservatives and your local rag. If you are physically healthy then go door-to-door. You can contact the local GOP office and get phone & walk lists. Only the DO matters. Talk is cheap and words of complaint are just empty sounds. As my favorite podcaster, Dan Bongino, likes to say, “Cutesy time is over.” I won’t make time for anyone who isn’t willing to DO something to restore our nation’s Liberty. If you DO NOTHING but still want to complain then you and I cannot be friends.

It isn't enough to just vote on November 5th. As a matter of fact, that is the losing strategy that we tried last time. If you want to save this nation then you better be the first in line to vote at your local clerk’s office on the very first day that voting starts, not just on the last day when it's too late. If you are one of those leaders who keeps talking about the importance of November 5th (yes, President Trump, I'm talking to you too) then you should reconsider your approach. Start telling everyone to get to their clerk's offices on OCTOBER 21st and be the first people in line (bumper sticker: first on the 21st?). That way, if something goes wrong you still have two weeks and also November 5th (the very last chance) to cast your ballot and save America.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely. Leave your comments below to tell me if I’m right or wrong about this.

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Do you hate Trump more than you love America?

Why do they hate Trump? The Numro Uno is he beat Hillary. Everything else he does/did they fool themselves into hating him for those reasons but it all comes down to he beat Hillary.

Figure out what you want for your future and your children's future. Then realize America is great because we have the most unique and individual protective constitution in the history of the world, leading to the longest lasting Republic or democracy. If you are a Democrat ask why? President Kenedy was a Democrat, but he would be voting for someone who can put America back on the path to our heritage. He asked all Americans to do what you could for America, rather than what America could do for them. Like Trump or not he is the person who can put America back in a stable direction. How many College educations do you or your children need to pay for? We need someone with Constitutional principles. Think hard on this, I think this is the last chance to save America!

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