This Democrat is A Textbook Profile in Narcissism

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This Democrat is A Textbook Profile in Narcissism

April 26, 2022 - 16:34
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This is a textbook profile in narcissism: In order to combat misinformation, the Democrat narcissist feels she is justified in USING misinformation.

Democrat Cheryl Hancock is the President of the Holmen Board of Education. Her ‘thoughts and opinions’ are no longer her own but represent the entire school district that she was elected to represent. Her behavior is unbecoming of an elected official. Taxpayers in Holmen School District can no longer trust the judgement of anyone on the board who willfully placed this corrupt politician into the position of President. Every decision that now comes from this board will be scrutinized by every taxpayer who wonders if they are being hoodwinked again. The people's trust has been shattered by this narcissist leadership.

If there are any honest members on the Holmen School Board, then we request they demand a motion of no confidence in the President and demand her resignation before she does any more harm to the reputation of this school district.

According to the article in the La Crosse Tribune, Josh Neumann asked her to stop engaging with him online. Why doesn’t “no mean no” when it comes to Democrats? If Josh asked her to stop engaging with him online and she ‘doubled down’ then isn’t she guilty of cyber stalking?

Every decision that comes from the Holmen School Board now has the stain of corruption permanantly attached to it. The tax payers deserve better than this!

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The School Board needs to stand against this bad behavior, and remove this Board member, at least from the leadership position.

I can't figure out why the Holmen School Board still elected her president of that board...even after she admitted to her "lapse in judgement."

Plus....after the massacre that just took place in Texas....I wonder if the La Crosse school district's superintendent still wants to remove the School Resourse Officers out of the La Crosse schools. I thank the Lord for the courage that the Central High School students showed when they petitioned the school board to change their view regarding the eventual removal of all the SROs.

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