Cutting Funding For DEI Positions

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Cutting Funding For DEI Positions

May 06, 2023 - 07:52
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Currently, the University of Wisconsin System spends about $16 million annually on 226 positions related to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), with most of the positions concentrated at UW-Madison, 74, and UW-Eau Claire and UW-Whitewater both second most with 34 positions each.

I've called for eliminating funding for these positions as our universities have gone from being institutions of higher learning to institutions of indoctrination. The offices are teaching students to view the world entirely through the lens of race, which only grows the racial divide.

Anecdotally I have heard from people who have had to fill out DEI statements to apply for a UW job and graduate students who have had to admit to their white privilege. This is preposterous!

If the UW System wants more funding, they need to show they can prioritize their basic functions of educating our students, especially those in high-demand fields like nursing and engineering. They can show they’re serious by reallocating the DEI funding to these places.

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When I was in Kindergarten, I learned one thing that I can remember. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” The Golden Rule. Oh, I know that many don't do that, but all the money in Madison won't help people have better manners. There is no legal status in the Golden Rule, but there is in many other documents. We have the Bill of Rights, we have a document that guarantees Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we have thousands of pages of laws that forbid abuse of anyone, for any reason. We have additional redundant documents against discrimination.

Yes Robin it is time to give that money back to the people who worked hard for it. There is no amount of laws or training that will make someone like someone if they don't want to, just send them back to kindergarten.

Can we call it Diversity, Inclusion, Equity = DIE

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