Celebrating America's Independence

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Celebrating America's Independence

July 05, 2019 - 11:47
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In the midst of picnics, parades and fireworks, it can be easy to forget that the freedoms we’ve known our whole lives aren’t inevitable or even normal in the light of history. At the time of the American Revolution, when kings and queens ruled over everyone else with unchecked power, our brave (even reckless) founding fathers risked their reputations and their lives to rebel against the most powerful tyrant king of all. But instead of replacing one king with another, our visionary founders changed the course of history by declaring all men equal and creating an elected government, limited in power, that guarantees freedom and self-determination for all her people. Since then, the US Constitution has served as a model for many other nations around the world that have toppled monarchs and dictators and established government by the people, for the people.

Despite the many challenges and dangers that America faces today, our system of government and our Constitution are still the preeminent model of freedom and self-determination for people across the world. And because of the genius of the Founders, and the sacrifice of Americans in every generation, today our constitution is the oldest written constitution still in use and the freedoms declared by our forbearers 243 years ago are still ours today. Let's commit to honor those who serve to keep her free, and let's commit to live honorably to deserve that freedom. God bless America and may you have a happy and safe Independence Day.

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