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a bold prediction

November 05, 2022 - 13:56
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Rocks are heavy, trees are made of wood, gravity is real, and the La Crosse Tribune is the communications department for the floundering Pfaff campaign. They will demonstrate this once again when they issue a gushing endorsement for Pfaff this weekend. This last ditch effort to rescue Pfaff from himself is yet another blatant attempt to influence a federal election by helping get a compliant congressperson elected who they are ideologically aligned with and can shill for unreservedly.

The La Crosse Tribune has proven to be in lockstep with other leftwing media like the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel who managed to write a 2225 word endorsement for Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes and not mention the fact that people can’t afford gas or groceries, that inflation has caused the cost of everything else to skyrocket, the open border that has flooded America with over 3,000,000 illegal immigrants, the war on police that has seen the largest number of attacks on these men and women in our history, the FBI labeling parents as domestic terrorists, the fact they were strong proponents of locking down our schools and the mandatory masking of kindergartners, or the fentanyl overdoses that have killed over 100,000 Americans on Biden’s watch.

We tried to work with the La Crosse Tribune starting when I announced my run for 2022 and were rebuffed only to have them cry foul when it was convenient for them to promote Pfaff. They then expressed outrage when we refused to debate on their skewed terms and accused us of being out of touch.

What they won’t tell you is that we have put more than 180,000 miles on our vehicles during this campaign, and are finishing by doing over 100 stops in the last 20 days.

They will also not mention that 16 of the 19 Sheriffs in the district, the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police, and the Milwaukee Police Association have endorsed me because they know I will stand up for our law enforcement and be tough on crime.

If you see a blank column in their endorsement for Pfaff, that is actually the full list of Pfaff’s law enforcement endorsements.

In addition, we have been endorsed by the Wisconsin Dairy Alliance, the National Federation of Independent Business, the Tavern League, and a host of other groups who know I will work tirelessly for this district.

The founding fathers believed so strongly that a fair and unbiased press was so critical to a functioning Republic that they made it the only vocation with explicit constitutional protections. The La Crosse Tribune has consistently failed to live up to this great honor and they should simply admit what everyone already knows, they are a leftwing advocacy rag akin to PRAVDA and get it over with.

Following the election, my Team will once again reach out to the La Crosse Tribune as we should have an open dialogue, but it will be on a level playing field or there will be no game. Let’s see if they accept that invitation.

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Over the years, I have canceled the La Crosse Tribune several times, each time I made my point very clear, I did not want them to tell me who to vote for, just tell me the facts and the news, and let me decide. They have been using extremely poor judgment and publishing their agenda, rather than providing valuable freedom of the press.
They have endorsed Barns over Ron Johnson, which shows phenomenal contempt for America

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