Biden's Betrayal

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Biden's Betrayal

August 16, 2022 - 18:24
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In rural Trempealeau just West of Centerville, there is a remarkable landmark that is known as Freedom Rock. I will add a link at the end of my comments. There is a huge flag pole there with a large American Flag, a Wisconsin Flag, and a POW-MIA flag. I have known a few people who were POWs, and they made it home. I have often wondered how many died miserable deaths or may still be out there and alive. I know why is it that we preserve the memory of those lost in all Wars including Vietnam, but why does it take people like Derrick Van Orden to bring this current mess to our attention? President Biden promised this would not happen, but we left many behind, it seems our standards slipping to new lows.

Just a side note related to my comment. I was the Chairperson of Zoning in Trempealeau County when this organization was forced to come to my committee to get a permit to put up this Flag Pole. I was shocked and embarrassed that in America anyone would have to get a permit for an American flag pole. One of the Comrades on my committee had reservations about it, asking what if it fell on someone? The good news is that it passed, and we still have some freedom in Trempealeau County.

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