Americans are seeing the damage of Joe Biden’s open borders play out in real-time

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Americans are seeing the damage of Joe Biden’s open borders play out in real-time

March 02, 2024 - 09:18
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This week, it was reported that an illegal alien, whom the Biden administration released into our country in 2022, brutally murdered Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student, as she went for a run at the University of Georgia.

The criminal should have been deported, but the Biden administration paroled Jose Ibarra into our nation after he illegally crossed our border in 2022.

To make matters worse, Jose Ibarra was arrested and charged in New York City for acting in a manner to injure a child in 2023. Due to New York City being a “sanctuary city,” the Police Department does not have to cooperate and notify ICE of the arrest of an illegal alien.

This was a senseless tragedy that could have been prevented if the Biden administration and Democrat cities had simply enforced the law.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only violent crime committed by illegal aliens this month.

In just the last few weeks, an El Salvadorian illegal alien, whom the Biden administration could and should have deported, shot and killed a 2-year-old boy in Maryland. A Venezuelan illegal alien, also released by the Biden administration after he crossed the border illegally in 2023, raped a 14-year-old girl in Virginia. A Honduran illegal alien raped a 14-year-old girl and repeatedly stabbed another man during a robbery in Louisiana. And another illegal alien shot three D.C. police officers.

But that’s not all.

These preventable tragedies are also happening in our backyard.

Last month, a father of three daughters was killed by an illegal alien in Rusk County.

According to Barron News-Shield, the illegal should have been deported by ICE agents when he was first convicted of drunk driving in 2023. But the Biden administration chose not to deport him. You can read more about this heartbreaking story here.

Day in and day out, we are seeing the appalling consequences of the Biden administration’s open border policies, and yet, the Biden administration refuses to stop releasing these criminals into our communities.

Joe Biden has the executive authority to secure our border at any time by invoking Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act to suspend the entry of illegal aliens. Sadly, he refuses to do so. Instead, he has chosen to gaslight Americans by continuing to push for a migrant processing and foreign aid bill that will simply lock in the chaotic status quo and allow the release of even more illegal aliens into our communities.

The question is: How many more deaths will it take before Joe Biden enforces immigration law?

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What we are seeing is potentially the tip of a very poisonous iceberg. I saw in one MSM article, that 100 chinese were crossing in the San Diego area alone. It is not too hard to imagine that the total across all 1700 miles of our southern border is more like 200+ PER DAY! WHY are they coming here? Are they agents of the CCP? Remember the CCP has set up its own secret police here in the US. So 200x 365=71,300 potentially entering in one year. Other sources say thare are already 100,000 illegal chinese here already. A veritble army exists within our borders, invited by Brain Dead Beijing Biden. When do they attack? Or will they become acclimated and see the superiority of our system, and change their minds, assuming that they did mean us ill in the first place.

HOW can we continue to take these chances?

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