Advancing National, Global Security

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Advancing National, Global Security

April 28, 2024 - 07:40
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The United States and the free world are facing some of the most unprecedented challenges in history. Domestically, we are experiencing the worst border crisis on record with over 9 million illegal alien crossings since President Biden took office. The open border agenda of the Biden administration has allowed fentanyl to flow into communities, encouraged individuals on the terrorist watchlist to enter the country, and increased violent crimes and attacks on innocent Americans. Globally, democracy and freedom are being tested with Iran and its proxies’ attacks on Israel, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) long-term goal of destroying the U.S.

Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East, experienced a 21st-century Holocaust in October 2023, and for the first time ever this past weekend, Iran launched strikes into Israel. The United States, despite the senseless calls from the president for Israel to reconsider defending themselves, must stand with Israel and its people and support their efforts in preventing “from the river to sea” from ever becoming reality.

The single greatest threat to the United States is the Chinese Communist Party. Beijing will be ready to take Taiwan by 2027, and the world is watching to see how the U.S. will respond. Our friends and allies in the Indo-Pacific region are on the front lines to hold the CCP at bay, and we must ensure they have the resources they need to continue countering their aggression.

Vladimir Putin is a tyrant and a war criminal. His illegal invasion of a sovereign Ukraine is reprehensible, and he must be held accountable. President Biden’s inability to lead on the world stage emboldened Putin to invade Ukraine. I stand with the Ukrainian people and wish for a free Ukraine, but I cannot, in good conscience, vote for this deeply flawed legislation. From the beginning of this conflict that predates my time in Congress, I have simply asked the Biden administration for a plan. They have failed to provide one, and this is the predominant reason I cannot support this. We must stop entering into endless wars.

The world looks to America for leadership, but President Biden has abysmally failed to reassure our allies, protect our country, and deter our adversaries. We must be thoughtful and strategic with our dollars and put Americans first, which is why I voted to send funds to our borders, Israel, and Taiwan, and not send dollars to Ukraine until we have a strategic exit plan with quantifiable metrics.

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