Republicans Cutting Taxes & Providing Historic Funding to Schools

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Republicans Cutting Taxes & Providing Historic Funding to Schools

June 17, 2021 - 19:15
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We are announcing some great news today. Republicans will be passing a $3.4 billion tax cut for Wisconsin's middle class! Recently, the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau reported that the state would see $4.4 billion more than expected in revenues. It's your money and we will be passing a budget that sends much of it back to the people and businesses of our great state.

Here's where the tax relief will be felt:

  • $900 income tax relief for typical family
  • $300 property tax relief for typical home
  • $1,200 savings for typical family
  • $200 million tax relief to main street

In addition to the tax relief, we were able to reach the goal of 2/3 funding for our K-12 schools! Under our plan, state aid to our schools is estimated to be 68% in the second year of the biennial budget.

This equates to an increase of $2,900 per student statewide. It is a historic amount of state aid and meets the federal requirements to receive funding through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA.)

Over the last decade, Republicans have consistently sent extra revenues back to the hard-working taxpayers of Wisconsin. In that time we have also funded our schools at record levels.

I'm so proud of the members of the Joint Finance Committee for their hard work throughout the budget writing process and I'm excited to get this passed to get tax relief to the people and businesses of Wisconsin.

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Any money that the government has, came from someone who produced something that intern produced revenue. I rarely have heard of anyone sending in money to the government with a note that says spend it how you like.

The money government has belongs to the people who sent it in, no matter whatever form they sent it. We need to look at this as "our money" not free money, and spend it carefully. If you happen to be someone who gets more from government than you send in, then you will enjoy the money extorted from hard working people, and passed out to non contributors. Government money that is not spent wisely, is a disservice to all hard working people and should stop.

Thanks to the members of our Wisconsin legislature for being responsible!

Thank you for these comments. They should remind everyone who receives any kind of government assistance. That government check you collecting is the direct result of the hard work your neighbor does every day. You know who I'm talking about. The guy who gets up at 4am every day so he can be online to collaborate with his colleagues in India who are all working together on a new IT solution to help tens of thousands of users have an easier way to communicate. Then works until 7pm making sure all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed before submitting the work for QA testing

Or the the trucker who backs into the bay at 4:30am to pick up your favorite donuts so they can be delivered fresh to your favorite convenience store in time for the morning rush.

Or the single mom who drops her kids off at daycare at 6:30am then gets to the office by 7am so she can work a long day to help support her family.

Those are just a few examples of the people you can thank for your government check. It is their hard work that is being taxed so that you can receive assistance. Never forget that.

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