Working for Wisconsin’s Farmers

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Working for Wisconsin’s Farmers

June 16, 2024 - 15:08
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There’s no question that Wisconsin is home to some of the nation’s most hardworking folks – our farmers and agricultural producers. We owe a great deal of thanks to the men and women who work tirelessly to make sure American families can put food on their tables. With Wisconsin being one of the top food-producing states in the nation and one of the world’s leading food exporters, our farmers must have the resources they need to protect food security and stability at home and abroad.

I recently visited a local farm in Osseo that grows corn, soy, and alfalfa and met with those who work on the farm. During my visit, I gained additional insight into the various concerns Wisconsin farmers have and discussed what I can do in Congress to ensure they can continue serving their communities.

As the only Wisconsin Member on the House Committee on Agriculture, ensuring our farmers and agriculture producers are well-equipped to fuel, feed, and clothe the world is a top priority. That is why I worked alongside my colleagues on the House Agriculture Committee to get the 2024 Farm Bill passed out of Committee on a bipartisan vote with policies that best serve our nation’s food providers.

There are many of my policies and priorities included in this year’s Farm Bill:

  • The Ag Vets Act, which directs the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture to award competitive grants to prepare veterans for entering the farming and ranching industries
  • The Healthy H2O Act, which provides direct assistance to rural communities, households, and nonprofits to test their drinking water and fund filtration technology
  • The Dairy Farm Resiliency Act to increase the cap on Tier I coverage for the Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) program to six million pounds
  • The Whole Milk for Healthy Kids Act, which amends the current restrictions and permits schools to offer students whole, reduced-fat, low-fat – flavored and unflavored milk
  • Inclusion of the Hot Foods Study
  • Maintaining funding levels of the Dairy Business Innovation Initiatives, with a commitment to work with Chairman Thompson to increase funding levels

I will always fight for farmers and will continue my work in Congress to make sure they have the tools, resources, and funding they need to do their jobs.

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Sorry Derrick. There is now way a self respecting veteran should vote for a man who:
* sides with Russia
* supported a budget bill that would have cut veteran health services
* supports a presidential candidate who is a conviced felon, adjudicated rapist, and called fallen military "suckers and losers"
* thinks there was "a tremendous amount of voter fraud" in the 2020 election
* attends a rally to stop the peaceful transfer of power in America
* goes on some sort of private rescue mission in Afghanistan and tries to bring a gun on an airplane on the way

You disgrace your uniform, Wisconsin, and America. You really shoul drop out of the race, or better yet, just resign.

I see the Marxists have found their way to this web site for their trolling. Eric Larsen posted a series fake bullet points and proved that he is nothing but fake, opinionated troll. Who is siding with Russia? As I recall it is Biden who is playing both sides of the Ukraine/Russia conflict. First giving Russia oil pipelines to fund their war with Ukraine and now pusing for Americna money to help support the Ukranians.

Budget bill that would cut veteran's health services? What fantasy world did you dream that up in? DVO is the one fighting against the swampy bureaucrats so they start using our tax dollars to help the veterans instead of enriching the bureaucrats.

Presidential candidate who is a convicted felon? Oh, you mean the conviction that came from a fake prosecutor (Democrat activist), fake assistant who left Biden's DOJ to asist with the fake conviction, fake jurors who all voted for Biden, officiated by a fake judge who is another Democrat activist and major fundraiser for Biden? We're supposed to ignore all that corruption because you used the term 'convicted felon?' Just how stupid do you think voters are?

Voter fraud in the 2020 election? Are you suggesting that when Pennsylvania's Democrat supreme court ordered that it was ok for Democrats to change the election laws without the consent of the legislature that wasn't rigging the election in Pennsylvania? And the ballot harvesting in Dane County Wisconsin wasn't rigging the election? And the midnight dumpster pile of fake votes in Atlanta wasn't rigging the election? And the mysterious disappearing databases of voter credentials in Arizona wasn't rigging the election? And the media suppressing the Biden laptop story wasn't rigging the election? How stupid do you think voters are?

Attending a rally to help prevent the stealing of an election is not a crime unless you live in a police state. Eric, are we living in a police state now that Biden is in control of the DOJ and FBI?

Going to Afghanistan to help the refugees that Biden abandoned was a courageous act. If only Biden would have the courage to do the right thing just once in his miserable, corrupt life.

I'm not going to waste my time trying to convince you of the truth. But the fact that you're afraid to put your name on your illogical screed speaks volumes, "Amigo."

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