The Supreme Court Needs Judges; Not Politicians

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The Supreme Court Needs Judges; Not Politicians

March 24, 2023 - 12:38
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Wisconsin should not want nor does it deserve a Legislator on the Supreme Court. If Janet Protasiewicz wants to make laws, she should run for the Assembly, not the Supreme Court. Wisconsin should neither want nor does it deserve a judge who will manifestly rule based on her beliefs. We all have beliefs and they all differ amongst us all. A judge needs to check their beliefs at the door when they put the robe on. They are to Rule as the law is written not how they wish it was written. Protasiewicz claims that former Supreme Court Justice Kelly would Rule as the law is on the books regarding the 1849 Wisconsin abortion law. Absolutely! That is what a judge is supposed to do. Protasiewicz deems that to be extreme. Since when is it extreme for a judge to Rule as the law is written? It's not the job of the Supreme Court to change laws, but to Rule on cases as to whether the law was followed or broken - that's it. Judges are to not put a thumb on the scale. They should not allow how they rolled out of bed that day or what the political ideology of the day is to influence their Rulings. Justice Daniel Kelly has proven fidelity to the Constitution as a Supreme Court Justice and has Ruled as the laws are written. Put a Judge on the Supreme Court - not a legislator. Vote Daniel Kelly for Supreme Court.

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