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April 07, 2023 - 07:27
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While Tuesday's election certainly didn’t yield the results we wanted for our State Supreme Court, we had record-breaking voter turnout for a spring election not coinciding with a presidential primary; and not all was lost in the election results as held the 8th district senate seat in a special election. Conservatives also prevailed in many other local government races.

So let me start by thanking you for all you did to contribute to that record-breaking turn out–voting, encouraging your family and friends to vote, encouraging your church to use appropriate election resources, praying, and the generosity of your financial support to Wisconsin Family Council/Action in our efforts to get like-minded and infrequent voters to the polls! Without you, what we did wouldn’t have been possible. And we’ll definitely share with you the results of our efforts when the data becomes available over the next couple of months.

Political analysts and pundits will undoubtedly spend the next several months looking under rocks to determine what happened and why, but one of the most significant impacts made on our state’s Supreme Court race was the influx of dark money from George Soros and other extreme liberal billionaires (who do not live in Wisconsin), that came shortly after the primary and allowed Protasiewicz to get her TV ads on the air weeks before Dan Kelly to the tune of $10.1M to his $460,000 as of March 22. That’s an insurmountable difference to overcome with only a couple weeks left in the campaign.

In the midst of all this we must determine what we as conservatives do going forward. For starters, we continue to vote in elections, we help find good candidates to run, we support good people, we hold elected officials accountable. We stay informed and involved. Election results don’t dictate how we live or how we respond. We are in control of both how we live and how we respond…and we need to show the world how true Christianity responds to adversity.

An appropriate capstone for this election and its results is this: Scripture tells us to not grow weary in well-doing, to occupy until Jesus comes. We will all just keep doing right and recognize that each day is the day the Lord has made, and we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Thank you again for all you do. Your efforts and involvement truly make Wisconsin a better state!

If you want more of our election analysis, you can read the transcript from today’s Home Front program or listen to the audio version. On this program I discuss what a super majority in the state senate means. That discussion begins at 8:56 in the audio file.

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