SCOTUS Hears Critical Abortion Case

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SCOTUS Hears Critical Abortion Case

April 28, 2024 - 07:03
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Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments for the case State of Idaho v. United States, in which Idaho is challenging the Biden administration’s interpretation of a statute known as EMTALA – the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act. Idaho’s Attorney General is arguing that the Biden administration has manipulated federal law in order to force ER doctors to perform abortions, which are illegal in Idaho since the Defense of Life Act went into effect with the fall of Roe.

Although Idaho’s abortion ban is compliant with federal law, the Biden administration is arguing that EMTALA supersedes state law and would require ER doctors to provide abortions as a “stabilizing treatment,” not just to save the life of the mother, even though EMTALA never explicitly mentions abortion.

“The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act does not preempt state abortion laws, nor does it require the killing of an innocent life,” Liberty Council Director Mat Staver said. “Emergency rooms are only required to stabilize patients, which includes the unborn patient. This so-called ‘guidance’ by the Secretary of Health and Human Services is another lawless act of the Biden administration that will be struck down.”

This Supreme Court decision will become a national precedent that could allow the federal government to override state abortion bans, such as Wisconsin’s 20-week ban, if the Justices rule in favor of the Biden administration.

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