The Science of Life

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The Science of Life

March 07, 2020 - 09:40
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This week I received the following statement in a memo from Wisconsin Democrats regarding legislation affecting the lives of unborn children:

One bill keeps politicians out of the exam room by repealing unnecessary abortion restrictions that are not grounded in medical science or widely accepted medical best practices.

I am very happy to see that Democrats are finally going to rely on science in order to make moral decisions regarding the lives of unborn children, however, based on my experience with their deceptive and immoral practices in the past, I am concerned that they may be more likely to lean toward 'medical best practices' such as late-term and even post-term abortions.

But let's hope for the best and perhaps the Democrats will truly examine the science of life. For example:

When a man's sperm fertilizes a woman's egg it creates a new cell known as the zygote. This is the first stage of human life and science has proven that human life in the form of a zygote has its very own DNA. Science shows that is what makes it distinct from both the mother's and father's own blueprint for individuality. It is a new human being.

Based on the instructions imprinted within the DNA blueprint, the new living person starts to develop its own arms, legs, nervous system, heart, and other necessary organs that will lead to its ability to sustain itself. Throughout this process it meets every criteria for the scientific definition of life: growing and reproducing cells, turning nutrients into energy through metabolism, responding to stimuli.

Experts have previously testified to Congress that at 8-weeks of age, a living, unborn baby can begin to feel pain. Maureen Condic, Ph.D. told Congress:

The earliest “rudiment” of the human nervous system forms by 28 days (four weeks) after sperm – egg fusion. At this stage, the primitive brain is already “patterned”; i.e. cells in different regions are specified to produce structures appropriate to their location in the nervous system as a whole

I pray that Democrats will honestly take into consideration these scientific facts when deciding their legislation that affects the lives of unborn children. "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" is one of our mantras in America so let's pray that LIFE is preserved for all future Americans so they have the ability to pursue their own individual happiness in Liberty.

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"If it is not alive they don't have to kill it."

Every time these people say we don't know when life begins, we now we can tell them this simple fact. "If it is not alive they don't have to kill it."

Our American documents offer many places that protect all human life, for example, we are all given the right to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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