The Most Divisive State of the Union

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The Most Divisive State of the Union

March 09, 2024 - 06:08
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Last night, President Biden gave one of the most divisive and partisan State of the Union addresses ever before the United States Congress.

Some might even call it a state of delusion speech.

In his rambling, hour-long, tone-deaf address, President Biden told Americans that the economy is great, that the border crisis he created is the fault of Republicans, that Congress should pass a bill to weaken voter ID laws, and that building a port for Hamas paid for by American taxpayers will somehow help improve Israel's security.

When it came to the economy, President Biden gaslighted the American people by saying, “Wages keep going up; inflation keeps coming down.” However, we all know the reality of Bidenomics – and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that his calls for higher taxes and handing out more “free” money won’t do anything to “fix” the economy or bring down prices.

Since Joe Biden came to office, inflation has risen 17.9%, groceries are up 20.8%, and mortgage rates remain near record highs.

I was hoping that President Biden would take responsibility for his actions and reverse course, especially on the border.

Instead, he doubled down on calls to pass a foreign aid and migrant processing bill that would normalize the status quo of millions of illegal border crossers a year, not stop them – and even reiterated his calls for illegal alien amnesty – which will only worsen the border disorder his policies have fueled.

He also called for the U.S. military to build a port off the coast of Gaza – an area controlled by Hamas terrorists, but refuses to finish building a wall at our southern border to protect the American people.

To make the hypocrisy even more stark, a fence was installed around the Capitol to protect him last night.

I will not settle for an America in decline. President Biden inherited a secure border, an energy-independent nation, peace and stability around the world, and safe neighborhoods.

In just three years, he has destroyed American greatness.

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