A message to Former President Obama

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A message to Former President Obama

September 05, 2017 - 17:47
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Regarding your quote in the image provided, with all due respect Mr. Former President, what color are the unicorns in your world? President Trump wasn’t targeting anyone. He was simply correcting your illegal executive action and placing this matter back into the hands of the Congress where it belongs. The United States Constitution is very clear about this matter in Article I, Section 8 where it grants Congress the authority “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization...”

The Constitution does not grant that authority to the president. Only to Congress but you violated that part of the highest law of our land. What makes you think that you are above the law, Mr. Former President?

When I mentioned these opinions to my colleagues at work today there were many who “liked” my comments on our internal chat page but also several who must have unicorns in their back yards. One person wrote, “Have you no decency?” to which I replied,

“Well, I guess it depends on how you define decency. If you mean violating the Constitution of the United States all to appease your personal feelings, then no.”

Another reminded me that unless I am Native American then I too am the child of immigrants. I informed her that

“I believe in ‘equal justice under the law’ which makes our racial makeup and personal heritage irrelevant when it comes to following the law and being prosecuted for violating it. Were everyone to respect the law as it is written instead of how they wish it were then this nation would have far fewer troubles."

Allow me to ask you the same question that was posed to me, "Have you no decency, sir?" Even in your retirement you are dividing our nation. The United States of America was designed to be a nation of laws. Not a nation of feelings and mob rule. Mr. Former President, I suggest that you enjoy your post presidency while you can. There may come a time when indictments are issued for you to appear before Congress to explain your lawless behaviors while in office.

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Obama said Trump's actions are cruel. Cruel is telling these people they could come here when the law was clear they could not! Had they stayed home, they would be moving on with their lives, but now they need to start over and the level of pain is far worse. This all because Obama, the "Constitutional Scholar" made an executive decision that he did not have the authority to make and he should not have made. Just one more act of contempt, of our Constitution.

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