La Crosse County Administrator Hiring

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La Crosse County Administrator Hiring

December 31, 2022 - 07:52
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I read with interest a headline article published in The La Crosse Tribune on December 7th about three finalists for the La Crosse County Administrator position. As a former La Crosse County Supervisor I am very much aware of the importance of this position to our county.

I have since learned that the County Executive Committee interviewed the three finalists and sent Interim CA Jane Klekamp to the full board for a vote. The board sent the recommendation back to the Executive Committee. I think this speaks volumes.

As per the Tribune headline article on December 7th, one candidate had been working as the Kewaunee County County Administrator since 2015. That candidate also had experience as the East Moline Economic Development Director, Rock County Supervisor, and served as Deputy State Treasurer. His educational background includes a Masters Degree in Public Administration from UW Madison. That candidate is Scott Feldt.

The candidate selected by the executive committee has worked as the assistant La Crosse County Administrator since 2015. Her experience includes Victim Witness Coordinator in La Crosse County, Project coordinator at DoJ, and Support Services Manager. Her education includes a Masters Degree in Social Work from UW Madison. That candidate is Jane Klekamp.

It seems very clear that the best qualified candidate to be our next County Administrator is Scott Feldt. We're not hiring a social worker, we're hiring the person who will oversee the fiscal management of our county government. I urge residents of La Crosse County to contact their County Supervisor and urge them to vote to hire the best qualified candidate.

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This position requires someone who is exceptionally educated in government and business. A person who can get along with people and stand up to people who push their agenda that might be out of sync with the people. The best person for the job often is not the person who interviews well for the job. This is a job for someone who has run a large privately held company, not a social worker or a lifelong government employee.

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