Honoring a Third District WWII Veteran

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Honoring a Third District WWII Veteran

April 28, 2024 - 07:00
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As a U.S. Navy SEAL veteran, I have great respect for the men and women who answered the call to serve our nation. We can never fully thank veterans for their service to our country, but we absolutely should ensure they receive the recognition they deserve for their sacrifices.

This week, I had the honor of reissuing military medals and decorations for a Third District veteran. Mr. Neil Korn is a 102-year-old U.S. Army Veteran who served during World War II as a Private First Class in the 405th Artillery Battalion. Mr. Korn was drafted into the Army at 19 years old and completed battles and campaigns in Europe and Africa from January 1943 to December 1944.

Mr. Korn served our country honorably. Unfortunately, he never received a handful of medals and decorations that should have been awarded to him for his service during World War II. My office was able to work with Mr. Korn and the National Personnel Record Center, and 81 years after entering the Army, we were able to present Mr. Korn with the following medals and decorations:

  • The Good Conduct Medal, which is awarded to active duty enlisted military members who conducted honorable and faithful service
  • The European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, which is awarded to military servicemembers who performed military duty in the European Theater, with the Army Three Bronze Stars
  • The World War II Victory Medal, which is awarded to active duty servicemembers who served during December 7, 1941 and December 31, 1946.
  • The Army of Occupation Medal, which is awarded for 30 consecutive days at a normal post of duty on assignment of the armies of occupation, with the Germany Clasp
  • The Honorable Service Lapel Button, which is awarded for honorable federal military service between 1925 and 1946.

It was an honor to secure these medals and decorations for Mr. Korn and recognize his commitment to fighting for peace and freedom during World War II, and I’m grateful to everyone who came out to celebrate Mr. Korn and his service.

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