The Democrat Party has a dilemma

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The Democrat Party has a dilemma

March 07, 2020 - 09:38
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Dilemma: "choice between alternatives equally undesirable", Webster's New encyclopedia of Dictionaries, 1986. The Democrat Party has a dilemma.

It is presented in the person of 'Bernie'.

If Senator Sanders gets the nomination, his campaign is likely to go down in a landslide defeat due to the Socialist label. Rom Emanuel appeared on CBS recently and said that none of the politicians in and around Chicago have endorsed Sanders due to their desire for survival. (This presents the likelihood that IF he got elected - - - there would not be legislators in the congress to implement his promises. Broken promises are the bane of any party.)

If Bernie does not get the nomination, his campaign supporters will 'know' that he has been robbed again by the DNC ( just as in 2016 ). Many of his supporters can be described as 'out of touch' with the great standard of living that has been supplied by capitalism. They are not likely to vote for anyone else. They will just stay home on election day. Again, a landslide defeat. (Was this what Pete Buttigieg meant at the Las Vegas debate when he talked of a candidate (Bernie?) that wants to "burn this Party down"?)

CBS' Gayle King (moderator) described the South Carolina debate (2/25/20) as raucous. Bernie took many attacks.

The above were my thoughts some time ago. Now, it appears that the DNC has decided that Bernie has to be stopped for the good of the Party. If they lose the Bernie supporters, they maintain their power structure; the Party. If they opt for the Bernie supporters, they loose the Party to Bernie and find themselves in the position of the 'never Trumpers' - - in the Republican Party.

Rep. James Clyburn supports Biden 2/26/20. Biden wins South Carolina 2/29/20. Tom Steyer drops out 3/01/20. Pete Buttigieg drops out 3/2/20. Amy Klobuchar drops out 3/2/20. Bernie no longer has the impetus; the Party wins. (2016!) Bernie is too old to do it again in '24; the Party wins. Biden is rewarded. The Party wins?

It's going to be interesting.

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