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Coulee Conservatives Contributors in the News

June 11, 2022 - 06:17
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Two of contributors were recently making news and yet you probably won’t read about it anywhere but here. This demonstrates the quality of our contributors who aren’t known by the office they hold, or the office they seek, or their professional reputation. We’re just average American citizens who take our duty as citizens to heart and use to promote and defend traditional American values.

Adams is the pseudonym of a teen aged contributor who first shared his story last fall of his first-hand experience at Wisconsin LEAD. This is a camp for 13- to 19-year-olds under the umbrella of Wisconsin Family Council. The camp’s mission is “Equipping teens to be become effective godly leaders who engage the culture from a biblical perspective.” LEAD Wisconsin was first held for 80 campers in 2021 after a Wisconsin Family Council representative visited the prototype in Michigan in 2019. The concept has since spread to Iowa and Minnesota.

You may remember, Adams shared his experiences learning how a proposal becomes law by simulating the process from introducing a proposal, to committee hearings, and finally presenting it to his peers for a vote in the Assembly Chamber at the State Capitol.

More recently, Adams wrote an opinion piece titled “What is D Minus Day” (published April 26th) which he used as part of his application packet for the LEAD Wisconsin Second Year Program. This article, and the fact it had been published, earned him one of only five spots in the “Media Track” for this year’s camp to be held in late July. Congratulations to Adams for this prestigious selection and we look forward to a full report after this experience!

Another contributor, as well as Senior Editor, was recently featured on local talk radio host Mike Hayes’ show on WIZM in La Crosse. Chris Muller had published an article “Call for Legislation to Ban Gun Free Zones” (May 26th). In the article Chris pointed out that 94% of the recent mass murders took place in gun free zones.

Chris presented a simple, cost free, two part recommendation to quell the recent rash of mass shootings, especially in schools. First, take the “Gun Free Zone” signs off all school buildings and school facilities; and the second is to put prayer back in schools. Both of these simple points are like “the tip of the ice berg”; a lot more impactful than they first appear!

Congratulations to both Adams and Chris for the recognition based on your contributions. Thank you for your efforts to spread the conservative message. We look forward to future contributions!

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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,”

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