Christians Must Reject Companies that Go Woke

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Christians Must Reject Companies that Go Woke

June 03, 2023 - 08:32
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As Christians, we cannot participate in evil. This means we should think carefully and biblically about giving our money to companies that promote dangerous progressive ideas and sell merchandise that sexualizes children.

In preparation for “Pride month,” Target began selling a disturbing new “PRIDE” collection for children and babies, which includes gender-neutral apparel, “tuck-friendly” swimsuits, clothing with messages that promote homosexuality and transgenderism, and more.

The retailer even began selling merchandise from a brand that promotes messages such as “Satan respects pronouns,” “Gay as Hell,” and “Join My Gay Cult.” Following the news of this new collection, conservative activists called for a boycott of Target, and the store’s market value plummeted by $9 billion in one week.

The store did end up removing some of the items from its “PRIDE” collection following the public backlash. This means that people's decision to shop at alternative stores— ones that aren't promoting evil— has the power to send a real message to the stores that go "woke."

Target isn’t the first company to experience the consequences of "going woke." Consumers have been boycotting Bud Light after the brand chose transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney to be a brand ambassador. As a result, the company's sales have plummeted over the last several weeks.

In addition, Starbucks, which is known for providing paid travel for employees to receive transgender surgeries, is advocating for the mutilation of children through commercials that are being aired globally. In the commercials, parents are shown affirming their son’s new “gender identity.”

As consumers, we have the power to endorse or reject certain messages based on where we choose to spend our money.

As often as possible, let’s continue to reject companies that sexualize children, promote sexual deviancy, advocate for the mutilation of children, or directly promote an ideology that is contrary to God's design. This is our duty as Christians, and it can have a real impact.

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Time to stop being bullied by people who like nonnormal sex. These people continue to distort the facts and what is normal. I lean libertarian, so if these people did not get on Television and in my face, in my children's face, and force their agenda on our young people who are easily confused, I would not speak up. But I think their agenda is a sexual assault on anyone under 18, and many over 18. So this evil self-centered selfish bunch of people may have their flag above the capitol, and they may be on TV every night, but they are evil, and Julaine is right we need to stop this assault on normal society.

The author is right on. Look what happened to Bud Light when they supported the woke agenda. . We Christians in the Coulee region need to replicate the same kind of not patronizing local businesses that go woke. For instance, drag queen events "for all ages" are being held regularly throughout the Coulee Region. Is that kind of grooming and indoctrination of our children OK?

Your “Christian impact” is causing people to KILL THEMSELVES because of how you and your “fellow Christian’s” treat the LGBTQ+ community. What happened to “love thy neighbor”? If god created everyone, wouldn’t that mean that “god” created those who are lgbtq+??? You are doing nothing but harming those who chose to be themselves and stop hiding for fear of rejection or fear of being murdered.

That is a devious lie. Christian's are not encouraging anyone to kill themselves. As Christians we follow the teachings of Jesus who taught us to love one another but hate the sins that we all commit. We are all sinners. My sins are just as damning as the sins committed in the LGBTQ+ community. The difference is that Christians repent and pray for the strength to stop our sinful ways while thanking Christ for washing them away on the cross. My greatest criticism is that our sick, sinful culture celebrates sin instead of calling it what it is. And how do you define 'love?' Do you think it is loving to lie to someone and tell them they can defy all of God's laws with no consequence or is it loving to tell them the truth and guide them to a path of doing the right thing instead of what feels good in the moment? Because the 'feels good in the moment' path will assuredly lead to Hell. Do you consider it loving to guide people in that direction?

This is unbelievable, the hate, judgement, and condemnation by supposed self-proclaimed "christians." If I remember from my stint in Catholic School, we were taught to love each other, be kind, show acceptance, and that only God can judge others. There's a quote in the Bible which states, "He who is without sin may cast the first stone." If you so called Christians are quoting and following the Old Testement, then you better follow that to a T, which includes stoning in the streets. If you're following the New Testament, you need to follow the teaching of Jesus which includes loving your fellow man, praying for others, helping people, forgiving others, and most definitely not judging others. It isn't your place to discriminate and hate people for what they choose to do. The ridiculous ridicule Christians place on people in the name of religion and God is disgusting, and the main reason left the church many years ago. I will not believe in or follow anything that gives human beings the power to defy God to prove or get across their points. You don't get to pick and choose. That is fake, and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Go to confession. Your God, if real, would be disgusted at your behavior. Period.

Davee Anne Zimmerman

The phenomenon that you are experiencing is known by psychologists as 'projection.' The 'hate, judgement, and condemnation' that you describe in your comments are a manifestation within yourself and you are projecting that onto Christians in order to justify your own life choices. The truth, as it was so eloquently provided in a previous reply above, is that Christians love the people in the LGBTQ+ community but hate the sinful choices that they are making because we know that path leads to eternal damnation and we don't want that for anyone. Not even our worst, earthly enemies. Is it really loving to lie to people and pretend that it's OK to defy God's rules? Where do you get the warped idea that Christianity is about making people feel good about lying to each other? True Christians are all about teaching God's rules to our friends and neighbors instead of warping God's rules with human, sinful, agendas.

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