Biden's Disastrous Administration - $5 Gas

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Biden's Disastrous Administration - $5 Gas

June 17, 2022 - 20:57
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What to do about the rising price of gas was the number one question I got during a recent Instagram Q & A. Unfortunately, the Biden administration's disastrous policies have caused this crisis, so Congress needs to do the exact opposite. That means enacting policies to make the United States energy independent and increase supply so that prices come down.

The Wall Street Journal published my letter to the editor detailing the actions needed to build a stable economic future in America. I also highlight the economic failures of the Biden administration.

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This disaster is more than a disaster, it is the demise of millions of contributing members of the economy, they can't contribute any longer, they have no funds left when they have paid for gas and heat. The green solutions would be fine and might be someday, but we don't have the infrastructure in place to make it happen.

Whatever you call what Biden did, is absolute foolish destruction.

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