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October 27, 2022 - 06:43
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36 years. That’s how long Steve Doyle has been corrupted within the political system. Like a rotting apple, it’s only a matter of time before politicians start to rot from exposure to corruption in politics. After 36 years it is fair to say that Steve Doyle is rotten to the core. He did nothing to stop his Democrat colleagues from locking you out of your businesses, locking your children out of their schools, and locking us all out of our churches during the pandemic. Thankfully, the Supreme Court put an end to that but the damage to our economy and Liberty was done and Steve Doyle did nothing. In fact, as a lawyer, Steve Doyle contributed to the downward spiral by spending his time suing poor people who fell on hard times and couldn’t pay their medical bills. How many poor people were forced to declare bankruptcy because of Steve Doyle? In sports when a player goes out of bounds the referee blows the whistle and stops the play. You, the voters, are the referee in this election and it is time to blow the whistle on Steve Doyle for going out of bounds. It’s time to stop him from playing any more games with our lives.

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Why is it we have to keep feeding this continued failure? The only way to clean up the mess is to replace the rotten apples in Madison, this is our chance, let's clean up the mess, and vote for Ryan Huebsch

Steve Doyle's 36 years on the La Crosse County Board of Supervisors is noteworthy. But it pales considering Wisconsin's Secretary of State, Douglas J. La Follette, who has served in the office for 44 years -- the last 40 consecutively. Want to talk about age? La Follette was born 18 months before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941! La Follette is beginning to show the effects of age by being hard to find sometimes and tardy with his tasks other times.
The solution to the Secretary of State situation is to elect La Follette's challenger, Amy Loudenbeck. Loudenbeck, a Republican, has been a State Representative for a dozen years with experience on the Joint Finance Committee. She is enthusiastic, energetic, and experienced. She will bring that office into the 21st century!
On November 8th, vote for Ryan Huebsch for 94th Assembly District, Amy Loudenbeck for Secretary of State, and the entire Republican ticket to improve the quality of life for Wisconsin citizens.

44 years of wasted potential, it is time to elect Amy Loudenbeck, she has a strong proven track record.

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