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“Oh beautiful for heroes proved…”

In 1893 –almost 125 years ago—a Massachusetts college English professor who was teaching summer school in Colorado wrote the words to “America The Beautiful” initially to express her awe of the Rocky Mountains, the spacious open skies, and the fie

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Filling Prisons with Christian Fathers and Husbands?

HR 3999 is the worst piece of firearm legislation in my lifetime and the Republicans who drafted it should be ashamed of themselves.

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Warning: Vulgar / Liberal / Progressive / Marxists in Raw Footage

Sometimes it is humorous but at other times it is just downright disgusting. This is an example of when it is a little of both. The humorous part about the following protest is just how tone deaf and un-hinged these idiots are right now.

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Good Bye NFL and Advertisers

I'm officially done with the NFL. I love football. I've been loving football since I was a toddler. BUT I LOVE AMERICA EVEN MORE.

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Making America Great Again

I recently participated in something extraordinary. It was something so simple and un-complicated that many of you might not consider it to be extraordinary at all. What makes it extraordinary is the rarity with which it gets any attention.

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A message to Former President Obama

Regarding your quote in the image provided, with all due respect Mr. Former President, what color are the unicorns in your world? President Trump wasn’t targeting anyone.

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Race Relations and the Fake News

I do a lot of travelling for work these days and I find it fascinating that CNN has a monopoly within our airports. These CNN commentators and "journalists" are completely delusional and so are their benefactors in the Democrat Party.

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The evidence is overwhelming: government-run healthcare is a total disaster every time it is tried.

Let me repeat that title because it is so true: The evidence is overwhelming: government-run healthcare is a total disaster every time it is tried. The VA system, Obamacare, Medicare, England's single-payer system, all are burdene

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