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The overwhelming success of Obamacare

The following article originally appeared in the Lakeland Times.

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Leftist Violence Reaches New Levels

Will leftist democrats finally rein in their irresponsible, violent rhetoric? Will they stop demonizing Republicans and inciting violence against us?

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Memorial Day

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Now is the Time for a Convention of States

You are going to hear about the effort to organize a convention of states according to Article V of the U.S. Constitution with increasing intensity over the next several months.

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Thinking about Redistricting

Wisconsin’s Redistricting maps from the 2010 Census are in the federal court system and are apparently being re-drawn by the state legislators in Madison.

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Life at Conception Act of 2017

In January of this year bills were introduced in both houses of Congress called the “Life at Conception Act of 2017”. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced S.231 with 8 co-sponsors. Rep. Alex X.

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