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PRAT Tax Public Hearings

I attended the public hearing for the PRAT tax on March 16 hosted by County Board Chair Tara Johnson.

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La Crosse County Voters Should Reject New Taxes

Here is the precise wording of a referendum that La Crosse County voters will see on the April ballot:

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Democrat Vandal Crime Spree Comes to a Close

We had a new hate crime in the LaCrosse area; it was akin to mining a rice paddy. A low life, deranged individual has been putting roofing nails on driveways and who knows where else.

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Time for Feds to Get Out of Healthcare. Period.

Ben Shapiro at writes a very compelling argument about why the Republican Obamacare repeal and replace plan that was released this week is the wrong solution.

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Congressman Misleads Voters About Repeal and Replace

While addressing a question from a La Crosse constituent, Congressman Ron Kind (D-La Crosse) misled everyone in attendance by speaking only to the repeal portion of plans that Republicans are putting together.

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Every Day Heroes All Around Us

I was on my way to Luther High School to assist with a small project when I saw a large plume of smoke rising up into the sky about a block away from the school.

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