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21st Century Solutions for School Safety

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Will Leftists Ever Learn?

I am a student of history and I have been all my life.

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Gun control will not save lives

In a world with more technology and less morals, it's hard to turn on the news and not see a crime being committed. With shootings occurring more often, there is a push for stricter gun control.

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Coming Up with Real Solutions

I am so proud of Republicans in Wisconsin! Check out this paragraph from the web site of a La Crosse news station:

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Thinking Outside of the Box

I had an opportunity to tune around various radio programs recently and heard a lot of conversation around what can be done to make our children safer at school.

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Another Gun Free Zone Massacre

I am deeply saddened by the stories coming out of Florida that another gun free zone massacre has occurred. It sickens me to think how such a slaughter is so easily preventable.

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Political Endorsements

Endorse (verb): to give approval to; support; sanction (to endorse a candidate)

Endorsement (noun): a statement endorsing a person or product as in an advertisement

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When real people go to Madison

I was honored to accompany a group of average citizens to visit Madison this week to testify in support of Governor Walker’s welfare reform package.

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