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Open Letter to the City Council of Onalaska Regarding Zoning Rule Changes

The purpose of this letter is to inform the City Council about the sentiments of many residents in the “Heart of Onalaska” regarding zoning rules.

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Urgent Memo

A recent analysis of Ron Kind’s political contributions has revealed that he is heavily dependent on money from outside the district, especially from the DC metro area.

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Steve Toft asked district UW Chancellors to schedule debate series

Osseo, WI – Today, Retired Army Colonel and first time congressional candidate Steve Toft sent letters to each of the six University of Wisconsin campuses asking their chancellors to schedule a debate series with incumbent Ron Kind.

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Prepare for the August 14th Primary

If you haven’t started thinking about (or even studying for) the August 14th Primary election, you might be too late!

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Thank You for a Great CouleeConservatives Day with the Loggers!

As I write this, it is the eve of our Independence Day Holiday so it seems to be an exceptionally fitting time for this article. On Saturday we held our first annual CouleeConservatives Day with the Loggers.

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The Coming Political Discord

I continue to watch with fascination the news coverage about the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. There is so much political intrigue and rhetoric flying around on the airwaves about this issue and for good reason.

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Ron Kind’s Silence Speaks Volumes

Representative Ron Kind’s silence about Representative Maxine Water’s recent disruptive and despicable outburst concerning resisting and being just plain rude to the President, members of the Cabinet, their staffs, and their families speaks volume

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Redistricting Revisited

“Gerrymandering plaintiffs unanimously rejected” was the headline on a La Crosse Tribune paper a week or more ago. The sub-headline read “U.S.

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