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This is Not COVID Relief

I spent Thursday afternoon and evening listening to all 11 hours of the reading of the Democrats' 628-page $1.9 trillion dollar "COVID-19 relief" bill. I would like to thank the Senate clerks who read the bill.

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Convention of States Informative Meeting Discussing

1. Imposing fiscal restraints on Fed. Gov’t
2. Limit power & jurisdiction of Fed. Gov’t
3. Term Limits on Congress & Fed. Officials

Location = Cotter Pin, Leon WI

March 11th at 6 PM

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Now is the Time for a Convention of States --- UPDATED ---

You are going to hear about the effort to organize a convention of states according to Article V of the U.S. Constitution with increasing intensity over the next several months.

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Bringing the Budget Back to Reality

The Legislative Leadership Roundtable with the Wisconsin Counties Association provided an excellent opportunity to contrast Republican and Democratic perspectives on how to spend your hard-earned tax dollars.

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Fixing the UI System

This week the Wisconsin State Assembly unanimously passed legislation, Special Session Senate Bill 1, that directs the governor to begin upgrading the Unemployment Insurance (UI) computer systems at the Department of Workforce Development (DWD).

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Governor's Bounce Backward Budget

On Tuesday, a joint session of the Wisconsin State Legislature watched Governor Evers' second budget address, which was given virtually to lawmakers. While he calls it the Badger Bounceback agenda, it's really a bounce backward budget.

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God speed Rush Limbaugh

As I write this, I am deeply saddened at learning of the passing of Rush Limbaugh. My most sincere prayers go out to the friends and family. I pray that God will strengthen and comfort you in this difficult time.

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UPDATE: Primary for State Superintendent on Tuesday the 16th

Last November I wrote a piece on the February 2021 Primary Election for the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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