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Poster Politicians for Term Limits Campaign

Term limits for elected office holders, primarily members of the House of Representatives and the Senate in Washington, has been a hot topic issue from time to time.

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Mob Rule Incompatible with American Values

Children's author, Hans Christian Andersen, wrote The Emperor's New Clothes. It tells how a couple of unscrupulous tailors convinced the emperor that they could spin such a fine fabric that could be seen by only advanced people.

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Did La Crosse Democrat Commit an Act of Sedition Against the United States?

I call on the FBI and the Justice Department to initiate an investigation to determine if Congressman Ron Kind committed an act of sedition against the United States when he called on members of the Central Intelligence Agency to violate the law a

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First debate highlights stark difference between first-time candidate and career politician

Earlier tonight, Steve Toft faced off with career politician Ron Kind in their first and only debate, winning decisively.

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Roads a Low Priority for La Crosse County Board

While the La Crosse County Board of supervisors has no objection to doubling our debt for the purpose of spending exorbitant amounts of money on

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Thoughts on John McCain

While he was a good person, and a war hero, he has been very destructive to my America. He was never a Conservative (something that is critical to the survival of America) although he made many contributions.

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Open Letter to the City Council of Onalaska Regarding Zoning Rule Changes

The purpose of this letter is to inform the City Council about the sentiments of many residents in the “Heart of Onalaska” regarding zoning rules.

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Urgent Memo

A recent analysis of Ron Kind’s political contributions has revealed that he is heavily dependent on money from outside the district, especially from the DC metro area.

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