Open Letter to the City Council of Onalaska Regarding Zoning Rule Changes

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Open Letter to the City Council of Onalaska Regarding Zoning Rule Changes

August 27, 2018 - 19:37
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The purpose of this letter is to inform the City Council about the sentiments of many residents in the “Heart of Onalaska” regarding zoning rules.

One recurring theme that I hear many times in our community is the perception that the City of Onalaska does not respect our private property rights and that there is unfair, selective enforcement of current ordinances. Whether it is a homeowner who wishes to remodel a front porch or a politically active citizen who wants to place a yard sign on their front lawn, the City has arbitrary rules that either regulate or outright prohibit how a property owner can use their own property.

Many of the citizens I have spoken with about this matter believe it is unfair and needs to change. I propose that the City focus on ways to restore the Liberty of property owners in the City of Onalaska and stop wasting time and resources policing the arbitrary rules that seem to accomplish nothing.

Thanks for your consideration,
Christopher J. Muller
Onalaska, WI 54650


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