Coming Up with Real Solutions

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Coming Up with Real Solutions

February 21, 2018 - 06:43
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Madison Capitol

I am so proud of Republicans in Wisconsin! Check out this paragraph from the web site of a La Crosse news station:

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin Democrats tried to pressure Republicans into passing universal background checks for gun buyers Tuesday but GOP leaders outmaneuvered them, seizing control of the legislation and rewriting it to fund armed guards in schools.

Read the whole story here.

As I wrote last week, we must start thinking outside of the box and pursue NEW ideas that will work.

It is extraordinarily disappointing that Democrats are so willing to use children as pawns in their petty quest for political power but will do NOTHING to actually protect them in their schools.

After several decades of anti-gun laws - here we are, right back where we started with another school massacre. Nothing has changed and our schools are still targets for lunatic murderers. Why are Democrats so opposed to new ideas that will definitely stop the violence? Why do they keep holding onto the failed policies of the past? Do they really want to protect children or are they only interested in scoring political points?

Enacting a ban on all gun free zones will have two immediate impacts:

  1. It will serve as a 'passive defense' against violent acts. Even a lunatic will think twice about carrying out his murderous plans if he knows that someone might be there to shoot back.
  2. It will serve as an 'aggressive defense.' If a murderous thug does decide to carry out his plans then there will be a small army of good, law-abiding teachers, coaches, janitors, and maybe visiting parents there to put the threat down before it can cause so much destruction.

Now is the time to let the good guys stop the bad guys before they can cause so much destruction

I am proud of Republicans for actually taking this debate seriously and seeking REAL solutions.

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