Milwaukee Bar Forum Establishes Justice Kelly as The Clear Choice

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Milwaukee Bar Forum Establishes Justice Kelly as The Clear Choice

February 01, 2020 - 06:29
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January 30, 2020

Milwaukee Bar Forum Establishes Justice Kelly as The Clear Choice

[Madison, WI] – Earlier today, Justice Kelly set himself apart as the clear choice for Wisconsin Supreme Court while participating in a candidate forum hosted by the Milwaukee Bar Association. The forum provided a stark contrast between Justice Kelly’s rule-of-law judicial philosophy and the judicial activism being pushed by his opponents.

Throughout the forum, Justice Kelly clearly articulated to voters that, as the experienced incumbent, he has the knowledge, temperament, and principled decision-making the people of Wisconsin deserve on their Supreme Court. Kelly also separated himself as the only candidate who understands that personal politics have no place in the courtroom and that the role of a justice is to decide cases based on what the law is – not on some personal ideology or radical political beliefs.

With a proven record of defending the Constitution and protecting our freedoms and liberty, Justice Kelly is the right choice for Wisconsin families.

To learn more about Justice Daniel Kelly, please visit

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I say this often, and I will say it again, we need to elect Supreme Court Justices who uphold the Constitution. Again this is a very important election, they all are, but this is where we get stability of our rights. Vote Kelly! And get your friends, relatives and neighbors to vote, this is a huge opportunity, we have lots of influence in spring elections. We must vote in the primary, with no exceptions, but then in the main spring election we must vote again. Remember this is non partisan, that helps keep the liberal agenda home.

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