Remember Julian Bradley…He’s back!

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Remember Julian Bradley…He’s back!

September 01, 2020 - 05:42
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Remember the Republican activist, organizational leader, and two-time political candidate Julian Bradley formerly of La Crosse that moved to Louisiana? Well, he is back; back in Wisconsin anyway. He was recently in the news for winning the five-way primary to be the Republican nominee for State Senate District 28 with more than 40% of the vote. State Senate District 28 is the south east corner of the greater Milwaukee area. Welcome home to Wisconsin Julian!

After the resounding Primary Election victory, Bradley released a statement: “I am honored and humbled by the support I received from the voters today. Wisconsinites can count on me to fight in the State Senate for them – for the lives of the unborn, law and order, and our Constitutional rights. Over the next few months, I look forward to knocking on more doors, meeting with neighbors, and earning their trust and support for the November General Election.”

Once a Democrat, Bradley has been a Republican for almost two decades following a discussion about abortion with his Mother. Bradley has been Chairman of the Republican Party of La Crosse County and Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s 3rd District. He travelled the state for a few years with a speaking tour “Shattering Stereotypes” correcting the perceptions of what the Republican Party is relative to the African American community. In 2014 he was the Republican candidate for Secretary of State and lost to the long-term incumbent Doug La Follette. In 2016 he was a Republican candidate for District 94 of the Wisconsin State Assembly which includes all the villages and towns in La Crosse County.

Bradley moved to La Crosse with his Mother when he was 11 and later graduated from UW-Lacrosse. He was employed in management by a large telecommunications company which caused his move to Louisiana in June 2018. Then in May 2019 he moved to Franklin Wisconsin where he is now in management in the insurance industry.

Former Democrats haven’t always done well in Wisconsin thinking about US Senate primary candidate Kevin Nicholson in 2018 and 3rd District Congressional primary candidate Jessi Ebben this year. Given Bradley’s many energetic efforts in Republican organizations, his active support of conservative candidates, and his own experiences as a Republican candidate for Assembly and a state-wide office, I suspect the “former Democrat” title may help a lot more than it hinders his campaign. Given his previous two campaigns, I fully expect a successful Bradley victory party on Election Day evening!

And, for those of us in the Coulee Region, it will be nice to have a friendly voice in the Wisconsin State Senate. When candidate Dan Kapanke is also successful in his campaign for the 32nd State Senate District, we may have two great conservative friends in the State Senate!

Welcome home to Wisconsin Julian Bradley! Campaign hard, win the election, and then come visit us in the Coulee Region.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I first met Julian during the George W. Bush re-election campaign when he visited with me at the GOP HQ in downtown La Crosse. We have been friends ever since and I can tell you that he is one of the most thoughtful Conservatives I have known. It's funny how converts are usually the ones who are the most passionate about fighting for Republican values like Liberty and economic freedom. It makes sense that those who were once surrounded by the despair of Democrat 'solutions' would better understand the stark contrast when they come to the right side. Check out candidate Julian Bradley on line if you want to send words of encouragement or send other support.

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