November 2021

Becoming an Effective LEADer

November 28, 2021 - 07:12

LEAD WI is a camp that had its’ debut year this past summer. It is a great way for kids from 8th to 12th grade to learn more about how their state political system works, by actually participating in it. Camp lasts for about one week giving the students plenty of time to learn while not feeling rushed. The activities for LEAD camp include listening to many speakers, discussing bills with your caucus, and going to the state capitol to act as legislators.

PARENTS: Be Aware of Neola Policy #5310

November 26, 2021 - 11:06

There are a great number of western Wisconsin school districts that either have or are getting Neola policies in place to manage and direct their daily operations and interactions with students and parents. Neola Policies could already be in or coming to a school near you! On the surface, Neola has been contracted by school districts upon approval of local boards of education to create and write policies for school districts.

Pray for Waukesha

November 25, 2021 - 07:43

As we enter the Thanksgiving holiday, our hearts are heavy with the horror too many Wisconsinites are dealing with after six innocent people died and more than 60 people were injured when a man driving a SUV barreled through the Waukesha Christmas Parade on Sunday.

This is a profoundly sad week in Wisconsin. But at the vigil on Monday in Waukesha's Cutler Park, we saw the best of humanity. So many people coming together to heal and comfort each other.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

November 25, 2021 - 07:37

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

May the time spent with family and friends during the Thanksgiving holiday be as sweet as your pumpkin pie.

During turbulent times we sometimes lose focus on what’s truly important in life. In light of the tragic events in Waukesha this week, it’s especially important to embrace our loved ones and let them know how thankful we are for them in our lives.

Democrats’ massive socialist spending spree

November 20, 2021 - 11:20

For months now we’ve been filling you in on the Democrats’ massive socialist spending spree, which includes everything from amnesty for illegal aliens, to the largest welfare increase in history, to adding 87,000 additional IRS agents.

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are right about one thing: The Build Back Better bill will transform America.

It will radically change the America we know with crippling, job-killing tax hikes that will worsen the labor shortage, hammer small businesses, and fuel inflation even higher.

Appeal to Traditional Democrats

November 13, 2021 - 08:41

Examining the internals from the Virginia race, it becomes clear that traditional Democrats rejected the policies of the Marxist Democrats and defeated Mcauliffe.

Mcauliffe represented the ideas of Marxist Democrats who have hijacked the Democrat Party. Let’s call them ‘Marxocrats’ for brevity and retain the title of ‘Democrat’ for those Patriotic Americans who belong to that party.

Not Your Father's Democrat Party

November 13, 2021 - 08:33

John Kennedy was a remarkable person; he took the bull by the horns and inspired America. I was 11 years old when he was assassinated and remember that day like it was yesterday. Kennedy gave us a mandate; "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." What a great concept, that mentality made America great. Everyone pitching in, working hard, taking personal responsibility, providing for ourselves and our families.

The ‘Education Governor’ in trouble

November 11, 2021 - 11:18

Gov. Tony Evers is in trouble.

The latest Marquette Law School poll not only shows Evers’ plummeting poll numbers, it offers a pretty clear indicator of how the far left Democrat got here.

Evers, who is running for a second term, has seen his job approval ratings fall to 45 percent, down 5 percentage points since the Marquette’s August poll — and 20 points since March 2020. He’s under water everywhere. His favorability rate fell to 42 percent, while 45 percent of registered voters surveyed have an unfavorable view of the of the governor.

Happy Veteran's Day

November 09, 2021 - 04:54

There is no statement – nothing I can say – that is louder or more powerful than the oath taken by the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces. Those that take the oath of enlistment aren’t just making a statement with their lips; they’re making a statement with their lives. This Veterans Day, and every day, we thank those who served.

Follow this link to find a Veterans Day event in Central WI