April 2020

It's Time to Slowly, Locally Reopen Wisconsin

April 25, 2020 - 06:54

While the coronavirus has affected our country's health and economy, the most sacred of all, our freedom, should be inoculated. Wisconsin, along with many states, is seeing a dereliction of duty from elected officials who took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies.


Is the Cure Worse than the Disease?

April 23, 2020 - 16:56

Governor Tony Evers decision to have DHS Secretary Andrea Palm extend his “safer at Home” order to May 26th is shocking and most likely illegal. The Governor only has power to extend his emergency order to May 10th. Then he must work with the state legislature. One might wonder why he has failed to seek opinions or even brief members of the legislature to this point. DHS Secretary Andrea Palm does not have the authority to extend the order, and the Wisconsin Supreme Court will likely strike down the extension beyond May 10th.

Derrick Van Orden Wins 3rd District Caucus Endorsement

April 19, 2020 - 13:02

The Republican Party of Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District voted overwhelmingly to endorse Derrick Van Orden. After receiving more than 73% of the vote, Van Orden released the following statement:

"I would like to thank our Third District Caucus for their endorsement today. This is the first step in uniting our party and our fellow Western Wisconsin neighbors to bring accountability and our values back to Washington, DC. I will work tirelessly to earn this every day."

Endorsement Announcement from State Representative, Scott Krug

April 16, 2020 - 05:46

"Speaking with candidates for public office is something I take seriously. Putting the wrong person in office can mean big problems for my constituents. Jessi has been both incredibly solid on policy issues and responsiveness. These two things are the most important qualities a good representative should have. I have no doubt that the people of the 3rd Congressional District will be well served by Jessi Ebben in Congress."

Rep. Scott Krug
Wisconsin's 72nd District

Coronavirus Response Bill

April 16, 2020 - 05:35

The Wisconsin State Assembly met on Tuesday to approve the Coronavirus Response Bill. There was a collaborative effort in crafting the legislation, using input from Democrats, Republicans, workers, business owners, healthcare providers and constituents. The result was a bill that bolsters the state’s response to the public health emergency and a near unanimous vote, which proves that our state can come together during these unprecedented times.

Let My People Go!

April 11, 2020 - 09:45

The Tavern League of Wisconsin has joined with other business groups in Wisconsin in urging Governor Evers to safely reopen Wisconsin businesses. Please see letter we jointly sent to the Governor and Legislators today.

April 9, 2020
The Honorable Dr. Tony Evers Governor, State of Wisconsin 115 East, State Capitol Madison, WI 53708

The Campaign Continues

April 10, 2020 - 07:45

Many of you by now have seen the recent news of Sen. Jenifer Shilling not seeking re-election in the fall. I wish her and her family well.

Folks have reached out to me because of the news wondering how they can help. And I want to be clear, this race is not over! My approach to this campaign has not changed. If anything, it now means we will need to work much harder to win in November for the honor of representing you in the State Senate.

Endorsement Announcement from Lancaster Mayor, David Varnam

April 10, 2020 - 07:31

"Jessi is a conservative who will represent the 3rd Congressional District and the state of Wisconsin with energy and thoughtfulness. She is a leader who listens, which is an important quality in an elected official." -- Mayor David Varnam

David Varnam ran unopposed for a third term in Tuesday's election for Mayor of Lancaster, Wisconsin. He is also Vice Chair of the Grant County Republican Party and a former federal policy analyst at Focus on the Family and congressional aide.