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Yes! Yes! Yes!

January 11, 2022 - 05:37
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I am so very proud of this man for making one of the hardest decision of his life. I know he struggled with breaking his pledge but, as the ad so well articulates, his Patriotism and common sense is needed in Congress more than ever.

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I would like to ESPECIALLY thank RJ for taking a leadership role on Covid. He held hearings early on , giving experts an outlet to articulare early treatments. He also held another hearing in late 2020, were again experts touted alternatives, including ivermectin, which along with hydroxychloroquine at bay in sub-saharan Africa were they are used to kill parasites and treat malari respectivley. Then he held another hearing on adverse reactions to the shot. Now with the shot narrative falling apart, with its almost total ineffectiveness against Omicron, with people still dying of the shot and suffering permanent disabilities because of it, it will be difficult to suppress this information for almost another year, and, here is hoping, that his attempts to show goverNMEnt and in particular Dr. FRAUDCI's incompetence, malevolence and malfeasance that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives, will help him to re-election. Of course the total corruption of the Democrat party, and their attempts to destroy liberty in the US, should be most helpful to his re-election efforts as well.

If you love America, you must see the latest TV ads by Ron Johnson. The rules have changed and the game has changed, and we need life savings measures, we need Ron Johnson. God Bless This Man And His Family!!!!!!!!!!!!

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