WI Legislators Reintroduce Bills to Protect Women's Sports

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WI Legislators Reintroduce Bills to Protect Women's Sports

August 15, 2023 - 19:27
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Wisconsin Republican legislators have again introduced two bills, Senate Bill 377 (Assembly Bill 378) and Senate Bill 378 (Assembly Bill 377) aimed at prohibiting biological males who "identify" as girls or women from competing in girls' or women's sports. The proposed legislation would mandate that student athletes join teams aligned with their biological sex, unless the team is specified as co-ed.

“These bills would afford three categories of sports competition based on a person’s biological sex with an additional co-ed category allowing for all to participate,” wrote the lawmakers in a co-sponsorship memo. “This assures inclusion while also protecting safety and irrefutable biological composition.”

One of the bills applies to K-12 public, independent charter, and private schools that enroll students using Parental Choose Program vouchers, while the other would impact the University of Wisconsin System and technical colleges. Wisconsin Republican legislators introduced similar bills in 2021, which successfully passed in the Assembly but did not advance in the Senate.

These bills have become even more urgently necessary in light of recent events in the Green Bay Area School District. Some local media outlets are reporting that last Thursday, parents of students athletes in the district met with their school principal and the Title IX coordinator to discuss concerns about a transgender student trying out for a team.

According to the Transgender Participation Policy of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA), schools are required to ensure that students have equal access to athletics, free from any form of discrimination, including factors such as disability, race, and gender identity.

“They just told us this is the Title IX ruling, this is how it stands, this is what you can do and that was really it,” parent Ryan Gusick explained. “I thought the meeting was pretty disappointing, the fact that they went through everything they had to say, left it open for questions and that was it.”

“Because this person chooses to identify as a female, they get to use the female locker room, and if our girls feel threatened or afraid. go to seek the school counselor,” Gusick said. “They’re also just more concerned about their safety just the way the balls are being hit and kicked at them, things like that.”

There is no doubt that men boast a clear physical advantage over women despite cross-sex hormone treatments. This is not only an issue of fairness, but of safety and women's privacy rights.

Please contact your state representative and state senator HERE (just put your address in the area labeled "Who Are My Legislators," and then click on "Find Your Legislator") and encourage them to support these bills and get them to Governor Evers' desk. Female athletes in Wisconsin deserve an even playing field!

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The Republican Party of Monroe County had three petitions available for fair goers to sign at the recent Monroe County Fair. The three petitions were "Protect Women's and Girls' Sports", "Lock Up Hunter Biden", and "Educate Don't Indoctrinate".
"Protect Women's and Girls' Sports" received the most interest with almost 25% more signatures than "Lock Up Hunter Biden" and almost twice as many as "Educate Don't Indoctrinate".
Encourage your State Legislators to support these bills. However, this situation will not soon be resolved so anticipate it being a hotly discussed topic in the spring campaigns for local school boards. It will probably still be a hot topic in the State Superintendent of Public Instruction election early in 2025.
Politics involves communication. Therefore be ready to both ask the tough questions but also be ready to share your thoughts. And, don't just depend on candidates' campaigns but attend local school board meetings where you can express your opinion. Your daughter's education, experiences, privacy, and mental health depend on it!

We can't make everyone happy, so why make so many people miserable trying to help a few who don't fit where they want to? We need to look at the big picture and stop prosecuting the majority to satisfy a small number of people.

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