WI Lawmakers File Motion to Remove Protasiewicz From Redistricting Cases

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WI Lawmakers File Motion to Remove Protasiewicz From Redistricting Cases

August 26, 2023 - 07:52
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Wisconsin Republican lawmakers initiated a motion to remove Justice Janet Protasiewicz from two redistricting lawsuits because of potential conflicts of interest. These come as a result of campaign donations she received from the state Democratic Party, as well as her previous remarks saying in her opinion the existing lines favor Republicans. The motion argues that state law and the U.S. Constitution require her removal from these cases.

This motion has been submitted directly to the state supreme court, requesting her recusal from all aspects of the cases, including her involvement in deciding whether the court should proceed with the lawsuit.

The court set a deadline for parties to respond by next Tuesday regarding the requests to initiate original action in the two lawsuits that aim to overturn the maps the court approved and were implemented for the 2022 fall elections.

Justice Rebecca Bradley criticized Protasiewicz for not withdrawing from the case. Bradley referenced a U.S. Supreme Court decision that involved a West Virginia judge. The Court determined that the judge had wrongfully participated in a case involving a contributor who had donated $3 million to the judge's campaign.

The Wisconsin Democratic Party supported Protasiewicz with nearly $10 million earlier this year, which includes both direct monetary contributions and in-kind offerings.

Both lawsuits assert that the Republican-drawn lines, sanctioned by a conservative-controlled court with a 4-3 majority, violate the law on several grounds. The redistricting suits contend that individuals who were elected to state Senate districts based on the existing boundaries last fall should be required to participate in special elections in 2024 under revised maps. In their motion, GOP lawmakers called the suits “an unapologetic attempt to retread old ground with the hope of a different result.”

If either of the lawsuits is successful and new maps are drawn and ultimately forced upon the legislature, the strong majorities Republicans have in both the Assembly and the Senate would be in jeopardy.

As we know, elections have consequences. These map challenges are significant. Please pray for the success of this motion!

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Any time a candidate runs as a liberal, that alone says she should not hold the place of a Justice. 100 percent of the time she said she was a liberal, which means she does not like the Constitution that she has sworn to uphold.

This will end up at the Supreme Court of the United States.

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