Why are Democrats Making a Rapist into their New Hero?

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Why are Democrats Making a Rapist into their New Hero?

August 30, 2020 - 10:57
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Recent events in Kenosha are disturbing. Even more disturbing is that one of the primary political parties in our nation has chosen to prop up a rapist as their new hero. I have reliable sources in Kenosha who are intimately aware of that man's lifestyle and behavior. My sources tell me that he is, "...a piece of sh@t" and his criminal history supports that assessment.

He is a thug and a rapist.

So why are Democrats (especially the Democrats in national news rooms) propping him up as a hero?

Even more disturbing, why are Democrats using this thug as a reason to incite violence?

Use the comments below to share your answers.

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We give law enforcement a very difficult job. They have to make fast decisions at times, and they have to make them based on what they see with their own eyes. When a convict and a criminal with a knife will not respond to questioning and being tassed, and then ignores the demand for cooperation, and then reaches into a vehicle with young children it, it is time to stop his reign of terror. The officer made a decision and while it might not have been the right one, he did stop this thugs criminal activity. Criminals need to live with the consequences of their actions.

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